Thursday, 9 April 2020

Wildlife Trust Barn Owl Project

We were part of a fantastic project to support Barn Owls in Teesside and East Cleveland. 40 new Barn Owl Boxes were made and installed, 26 are now occupied by pairs of Barn Owls. We worked with the Barn Owl Cubs and Beavers of Marske-by-the-Sea to create an 8 foot wing span mosaic Barn Owl which now flys over the Tees Valley Wildlife Trust Headquarters at Margrove Park.

Skelton Mosaic Trail

We were asked by Skelton Townscape Heritage Project to create a Mosaic Trail along Skelton High Street, which will be a visual historical record of the people who lived and worked in Skelton. We have worked alongside Skelton History Group, Freeborough Academy, Skelton Villages Civic Pride, BridgeHill Day Service, Skelton Library and various community groups to create these mosaic panels.

Monday, 11 September 2017

Ward Jackson Park Community Mosaics

We have been working with thousands of school children and local people in Hartlepool to create three Mosaic panels in Ward Jackson Park. The project was commissioned by Friends of Ward Jackson Park and was funded by the Friends of Ward Jackson Park and Tesco.


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Peregrine Falcon Mosaic

This peregrine was commissioned for a house on Falcon Way in Guisborough. Many other roads round there have wonderful bird names like Heron Gate, Redwing Rising, Kingfisher Drive, Osprey Close, Little Grebe, even a Great Auk! We love birds, so we're hoping other residents might want one too.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Saltburn Community Mosaics

These 5 mosaic panels were created to celebrate 150 years of Saltburn-by-the-Sea. We worked with over 2000 people to make them. They are located on the wall of Sainsburys loading bay, near the station.

The first panel depicts Saltburn foreshore from the end of the pier pre 1883. It depicts the vertical hoist and the Halfpenny Bridge. The birds are oystercatchers.

The second panel is set in the 1920's. Donald Campbell is sand racing in his Sunbeam, there's a steam ferry landing at the pier which used to travel all along the coast. There's also a sand yacht, beach huts, the cliff lift and a Pierrot clown. Swallows, swifts, sandmartins and housemartins can be seen too. The housemartins regularly nest on the pier.

The third panel shows one of the first steam trains to arrive in Saltburn being met by Henry Pease. The houses are Alpha Place which were the very first buildings to be built in Saltburn. This panel was unveiled by Nigel Pease, the great great grandson of Henry Pease.

The fourth panel shows Saltburn Town in the 1960's. The building on the left is the Brine Baths which was demolished in the 70's. We were asked by many people to include the Brine Baths in the mosaics. The town cryer is Sharon Wilson, who played a big part of the 150 celebrations. Sharon had no idea she was part of the mosaic and was surprised and delighted at the unveiling when she met herself face to face.

The fifth panel is the much loved Valley Gardens complete with Woodland Centre and Tea Rooms. There's an otter, dipper, heron, nuthatch, tawny owl, dragonflies and a kingfisher. The train is the new miniature railway engine the "Saltburn 150". On the viaduct you can see the Boulby Flyer on it's special journey from Saltburn to Boulby to celebrate Saltburns' 150th birthday.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Recent Work

These panels were created with young people from Saltburn. They are now installed around the town of Saltburn-by-the Sea.

We worked with Kilton Thorpe School in Brotton to create this mosaic.

Moon Gazing Hare by Helen Jane Gaunt

Tinkerbell Fire Sculpture for 2010 Padgeant of Light in Saltburn

Created with children from Saltburn Learning Campus

Cleveland Ironstone Mining Museum Entrance Mosaic. This lifesize shire horse and miner was created with volunteers from the museum, the people of Skinningrove and children from Whitecliffe Primary School

Skinningrove Story Wall, we worked with 500 local people to produce this mosaic.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Fire Sculpture for the Fire and Steel Festival

This is our Fire Sculpture depicting an ironstone miner, a crucible of molten steel and a steelmaker we created for the Fire and Steel Festival. There's a lot of preparation involved in a Fire sculpture, the day before we construct a scaffold frame which is then covered with metal mesh panels. The day of the fire sculpture is spent drawing the design onto the frame using paper rope soaked in paraffin.

The blast furnace in the background

Putting the mesh onto the scaffold frame

Soaking paper rope in paraffin

We have an audience already!

All done, just time for a hot chocolate before it's lit!

The fire swingers, Cathie Sprague and Mark Taylor, light the sculpture

The fire sculpture fully lit.

Here's a short video I took...